San Francisco

The beating heart of the Bay Area, the gorgeous city of San Francisco is a magnet for the arts, the sciences, commerce and culture. It possesses some of the most diverse architectural styles in any cosmopolitan region in the country, from majestic mansions overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the sparkling Bay, to ornate Victorian homes with lush gardens and bespoke woodwork, to modern condominiums that tower in the sky and offer luxury living and unbeatable views across the city and peninsula. There is a neighborhood to reflect everyone’s tastes and needs, from the cozy residential area of Portrero Hill with its stunning vistas of downtown, to the steep beauty of the streets of North Beach and its array of enticing restaurants and boutiques, to the bustle and variety of Chinatown and the Financial District, San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in which to live, work and play. With over 50 hills, innumerable parks and recreational areas both large and small, an inexhaustible amount of cultural events and establishments, and some of the most magical views from its labyrinth of hidden staircases, winding roads and secret lookout points, San Francisco is a true real estate treasure.
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