Black in Style: Sleek, Contemporary & Bold


Black, in the traditional language of color, is understood as the absence of light. It has no hue, making it singular and consistent. But rather than defining it as “missing” pigment or complexion, in today’s interior design world it is seen as a vessel for what it surrounds, making it not so much neutral as supportive, complementing other colors that comprise the space.

Sleek, contemporary, bold. In the right light, black reveals a beautiful luminosity and depth. Used alongside whites and wood tones, black can feel cozy and rustic. Conversely, because black blurs edges, using this color on walls and even ceilings softens the lines of space, augmenting a room’s dimensions and making it appear bigger, grander. No longer synonymous with darkness, black can inspire a calm glow in a room, filling it with radiance and warmth. Likewise, a black wall can dramatically showcase a collection of objets d’art, lending your pieces a distinctive, strong frame. Black is back, a welcome player in the color spectrum.


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