Green Instinct

Green Instinct

For most of us, there is an innate longing to be surrounded by other living things. Some believe biophilia is coded into our very genes. While a deep and sustained communion with nature and wildlife isn’t possible for everyone, perhaps these ideas for bringing the outdoors in can to help promote this connection.

Infusing the outdoor spaces of your home with calm, comfort, and greenery is one such way. Areas like the balcony, the front porch — even the underside of a deck, a space largely underutilized in many homes — become ideal canvases for blurring the boundary between outside and in.

Water is a primally soothing element. Creating a water source in your garden or within your home is a fabulous way to welcome the presence of nature into your immediate space.

Open your windows! The more light and air we invite, the more closely we can observe and relish the simple things around us — the wind in the trees, the birdsong, the sun — and greatly elevate our spirits, especially when the human world has left us weary.


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