Opening to the Arch

Opening to the Arch

This article from Design Sponge collects images of an array of architectural arches, in homes, shops and offices, to remind us that the square doorway is not the only type of threshold we can cross. It is a design that has been used for centuries, and continues to be seen in modern architecture because of its visually pleasing shape, attractive and welcoming.

The arch can symbolize many things. From a physical standpoint, it is one of the strongest, sturdiest types of construction, based on the way that the shape allows stress and weight to be distributed and supported. An arch in the home is like a symbol of protection, then, which is a wonderful thing to experience in your personal space. The arch allows motion, while ensuring stability.

What about the beautiful image of an arch as a gateway? Crossing through an arch in one’s home can act to infuse both rooms with their own distinctive feeling and purpose, making the passing through from one to the other a special, mindful act. There are even ways to imitate the form, without actually having an arch-shaped doorway. Make one to frame a cabinet’s contents, or even to enhance the warm nature of a bedroom by adding a painting or picture of an arch above the bed.

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