Uncramp Your Style

Uncramp Your Style

What can you do to make a small space feel practical and comfortable, and most importantly — uncrowded? The ideas in this article come from Urban Outfitters’ team of directors and designers, and they are strikingly versatile. Even if your home is not the tiny staged space these artists and builders had to work with, the arrangements are inspiring, and thoroughly inviting.

Pieces of furniture (especially the more mobile ones) can have multiple uses. When is a stool not a stool? When it is also a side table. Doors can become tasteful palettes for storage with a sleek, minimalist rack hung over the top. This featured set makes excellent use of the kitchen area by creating an open cabinetry feel with hanging shelves and hooks for pots and pans. The designated living spaces are functional, and they flow.These 200 square feet are anything but square.



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