What Was Is What’s New

What Was Is What’s New

What’s on trend for 2018? Not surprisingly, the future is beckoning from the past.

Wood has been a signature element in architecture for hundreds of years, one of the longest-standing building materials in existence. Its popularity has been continually longstanding as well, and this year is no exception. Crafted into shapes and patterns both smooth and intricate, for use as doors, windows, floors, fences, furniture and in marquetry, wooden structures are both functional and beautiful. Woodwork brings warmth and style into every environment. This article in Soho Concept praises the fierce return of the woodworker’s craft into homes, offices, outdoor spaces, schools and businesses — with emphasis on the flexibility of recycled wood in new designs.


What else is gaining pace this year? Micro-spaces, nooks, alcoves. Every home has these potential zones embedded within them. Put up a partition (like a folding paper scrim) in your bedroom, or divide a large family room into 2 with a see-through cabinet. Items as simple as a few cushions on the ground can create an intimate additional living area. This piece assures us there are multiple possibilities for repurposing corners and corridors in our homes, making the absolute most of our space by reimagining the way we frame and modify it.


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